Sundays beginning Jan 9 | 10:05 AM | room 2105

We want to invite you to check out the Small Group Experience.

Rick Weaver, our Director of Spiritual Growth says, “If you’re interested in finding out what small groups are all about – or if you’re interested in leading or being part of a small group come check out ‘The Small Group Experience’ at 10:05 am Sunday mornings in Room 2105.”

This is the launch/introduction/ground floor of what will roll out into multiple small groups. We are calling it “The Small Group Experience” because it’s only going to last 8 weeks and will probably be bigger than a normal small group.

Each Sunday we’ll be sharing our church’s vision for small groups, modeling small group leadership, studying the message from the previous Sunday service, and praying for one another. Our goals are for participants get to know others, develop meaningful relationships, grow in their walk with Jesus, and, ultimately, for everyone in the group to make community and small group involvement a top priority in their lives.

After the 8 week “Experience,” we hope to form three or four small groups that will be ongoing. We are planning to have Sunday morning groups, especially to complement the modern service, and groups that meet at other times and perhaps other places throughout the week.

Please contact Rick Weaver at  or Chuck Williams at   if you have questions or would like more information.  

We look forward to seeing you!